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Swatch and OMEGA "put every planet within reach" with Bioceramic MoonSwatch series

OMEGA X Swatch pays tribute to the classic Speedmaster Moonwatch, the first to land on the moon. The Bioceramic MoonSwatch series is the first joint project between Swatch and OMEGA - an unexpected, ambitious and visionary cooperation project.


The 11 space-inspired watches are each named after a planet in the solar system, ranging from the giant star in the center to the dwarf planets in the outermost parts. What brings this series into planetary orbit is the combination of innovative Bioceramic materials and key design elements of the OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch. A faithful interpretation of this watch that once landed on the moon, and perfectly embodies Swatch’s long-standing pursuit of joy in life and innovative ideas.


Two years after the launch of the OMEGA X SWATCH collaboration series, the Bioceramic MoonSwatch series has once again launched a total of two new products! The two new watches in the non-limited edition series are MISSION TO THE MOONPHASE - FULL MOON and MISSION TO THE MOONPHASE - NEW MOON, which are Swatch's only chronographs equipped with moon phase function. Snoopy, a NASA safety ambassador since the 1960s, appears on the moon phase discs of both watches. 


Both watches are now available at designated Swatch stores. As with the entire Bioceramic MoonSwatch collection, there is a limit of 1 watch per person per day in each Swatch store.

Mission to the Sun

In bright sun brushed gold

Adds sparkle to this collection.

Mission to Mercury

in dark gray

to move quickly

The Winged Messenger salutes.

Mission to Venus

The pink hue and oval small dial commemorate the planet named after the god of love.

Mission on Earth

Match blue with green,

A tribute to our precious planet.

Mission to the Moon

Mission to Mars

A fiery red watch with "Alaska Project" hands.

Mission to Jupiter

Bronze watch treasure with orange "Ultraman" second hand.

Mission to Saturn

Beautiful beige tone watch with rings of Saturn printed at 6 o'clock.

Mission to Uranus

in light blue

Pay homage to the Greek God of the Sky.

Mission to Neptune

Pay homage to the ice giants in an icy deep blue.

Mission to Pluto

in gray and burgundy

Dedicated to the dwarf planet.

Each Bioceramic MoonSwatch series watch features an asymmetric case design, the classic "Dot over 90" detailed scale bezel on the tachymeter, and a unique Speedmaster subdial.


All dials are printed with the OMEGA X SWATCH brand, as well as the classic Speedmaster logo and the new MoonSwatch logo. Pay careful attention to the dome-shaped biosourced material crystal, and you can see the hidden "S" in the center of the crystal. The delicate circular patterns on the outer ring of the dial and the inset subdials make the watch more sophisticated, matching the sharp and smooth lug structure. All hour, minute, chronograph seconds and hour markers are coated with Super-LumiNova®, which glows in the dark.


Each Bioceramic MoonSwatch watch features mission text printed on the double-beveled case back and an inspiring message. "DREAM BIG – FLY HIGH – EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE – REACH FOR THE PLANETS."


The battery cover on the back of each watch depicts the planetary body that inspired the design.

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